Guide to Body Hair Management

Keeping the body hair trimmed is an important aspect of grooming for men.


Have you come across any of these situations?

  • Do people stare at your gorilla-like chest hair when you walk shirtless in a beach?
  • Are you embarrassed to wear shorts due to hairy legs?
  • Even if you plan to remain fully clothed, is your chest hair peeping out of your dress shirt and waves with the breeze?

The solution is to trim the body hair regularly and is preferable over shaving. Yes, it takes some ongoing effort but the results are impressive. Women will notice the effort and your attractiveness will get a boost. This is where the Philips BG105 body groomer (Bodygroom Series 1000) comes in handy and is a worthy investment in a man’s grooming kit.

Philips BG105 body groomer comes with 3mm trimming comb and 0.5mm skin protector, which is specially intended for trimming short hair. It needs one AA battery. It is convenient to hold and the power button is easily reachable.

Philips BG105 Body Groomer

It usually takes me about two hours to cover my body completely and a complete AA battery. It is most effective when used at a particular angle to the body and we tend to get a hang of it after a few uses. Philips claims that the blade does not need a replacement at all. After using for a year, my trimmer still seems to be good enough.

There are both difficult and sensitive areas. Difficult areas need patience and a good mirror. The trimmer works well for sensitive areas such as genitals and nipples. It cannot be used for face or neck. I haven’t had any scratches or nicks yet. Only risk is using it accidently with either of 0.5mm skin protector or the 3mm trimming comb.

Overall it is a good grooming aid and it is recommended to get into the habit of keeping the body hair trimmed.

Author: MaleLifestyleBlogger

This blog will give tips on male lifestyle, grooming and fitness.

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