Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle Towards a Healthy Life

This post attempts to debunk some common myths holding us back from leading a healthy life


Where lies the biggest obstacle towards a healthy life? It is in our mind – misguided beliefs about health. Not only these beliefs hurt us but they also get passed on to others like a contagious virus.

Here are the top three such beliefs which prevent people from leading a healthy life:

  • “It is time to indulge in junk food now because it will not be possible when we get old”

In fact our current bad lifestyle could be the whole reason why we cannot lead a good life later.And the consequences could be more severe. It could be more than inability to eat junk food.

  • “My father/mother/uncle has been doing something unhealthy (smoking, not exercising, etc.) all his life and he has been OK so far. Why should I change?”

There are many things that we are doing differently than our earlier generation. We have sedentary lifestyle, more fast food, more polluted environment, more stressful lives, etc. Their example cannot be used as a justification to continue the same unhealthy habits.

  • “Health issues are part of growing old. It is natural and we cannot do anything about it”

It seems convenient to attribute the health problems to old age. Lifestyle diseases (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) are caused due to continuous exposure to bad habits. If we have good habits, then we could be healthy when we grow old too.

These can also be explained because of the ‘confirmation bias’ theory (the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories). It is surprising that even highly educated people tend to be carried away with these ideas.

It will be a big positive shift if these mental roadblocks are identified and eliminated. This could be the first step towards a healthy life.

Have you encountered any of these with yourself or with others? Which are the other common beliefs that hold us back? Please leave your comments.

Author: MaleLifestyleBlogger

This blog will give tips on male lifestyle, grooming and fitness.

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