Review: Himalaya Septilin

This blog post provides a review of Himalaya’s immunity boosting supplement Septilin


Himalaya is a well-known company for herbal products. I decided to try its Septilin capsules during winter to improve my immunity against colds and virus infections. As per the Himalaya website, Septilin is as per doctor’s prescription and not for self-medication. It is available as a syrup too but I tried the capsules since it is convenient to carry. It is not specified whether it is to be taken on an empty stomach. I took 1-2 tablets after breakfast and dinner each. It is light blue in color and leaves a color mark on the tongue or on the fingers if they are wet.

Bottle says that it helps in improving body’s defense mechanism in its fight against sinusitis, tonsillitis, otorrhoea, furunculosis and other septic conditions. Its benefits in simpler words are:

  • Enhances immunity by activating white blood cells
  • Reduces fever
  • Also helps in the general well being

Dosage: Himalaya recommends taking two tablets twice daily initially followed by one tablet twice daily.


  • Maharsnadi quath – 130 mg
  • Guduchi – 98 mg
  • Manjishta – 64 mg
  • Amalakki – 32 mg
  • Shiguru – 32 mg
  • Yashtimadhu – 12 mg


  • Guggulu
  • Oleo Gum Resin
  • Shankh bhasma

 Cost: Rs.125 for a bottle of 60 tablets

  • Amalakki or Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the common ingredient in most immunity boosting supplements. It is well known for its great Vitamin C content. It also has other benefits such as improving the skin, blood purification and liver rejuvenation.
  • Maharsnadi quath is an Ayurvedic herb used to improve the functioning of bones, muscles, joints and nerves.
  • Guduchi helps in reducing fever and allergic symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, etc. It is an anti-microbial which helps in building the body’s immunity

Septilin can be used to build immunity when struck by fever, cold, swine flu, sore throat, etc. However, do not expect an instant relief. Recovering from flu for instance, would still need the 3-5 days of rest and enough water intake, etc. Septilin could only give a boost to your immunity during the recovery. I have used it in a preventive way too by using it when people around me would have infections. Septilin provides a potent combination of herbs at an affordable cost and a good immunity boosting option.

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