Review: Nutrus Probiotic Green Tea

This blog post provides a review of the Nutrus Probiotic Green Tea


Green tea has undergone some innovation over the last few years and Nutrus probiotic green tea is one of them. It is different in two ways:

  • Probiotics has been mixed with green tea extract
  • Instead of the usual tea brewing process, this is a ready to mix powder.

Nutrus is the makers of Sporlac. Each box of Nutrus probiotic green tea contains 20 sachets of 2g each. It is easy to prepare – add the green tea powder to water and stir. As per my experience, it does not mix completely and some parts tend to stay at the bottom of the glass. This green tea can be consumed hot or chilled. This product always makes me wonder how they managed to package the bacteria in sachets!

Probiotics are good bacteria, which keep the gut healthy. These bacteria stay in our intestines and maintain the intestinal health. They are usually found in foods such as yoghurt. Benefits of probiotics are:

  • Boosts the immunity to cold and flu
  • Improve digestion, reduce gas/bloating and diarrhoea
  • Treatment of IBS and urinary tract infections,

Ingredients: Each 2g contains green tea extract, Stevia, probiotic (Bacillus Coagulans), and added natural identical lemon flavoring substance.

This green tea does not provide the same drinking experience as the brewed tea. I have been using it during the flu season to improve my immunity. And when I have a malfunction in my digestive system by eating junk or street food.

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