Knowing Doing Gap

This blog post explores the reasons why people don’t adopt a healthy lifestyle even when they are fully aware of its virtues.


Why do some of the well-educated folks do not care about healthy lifestyle and exercise? Most urban population (many with a master’s college degree) definitely know about them. Every school curriculum teaches this. It is in all mainstream media – television, newspapers, websites, etc. There is no reason for not to be aware. Then where is the problem?

This is referred to as the ‘Knowing Doing Gap’. Knowing about a balanced diet and the importance of exercise is not enough. Putting them in action is crucial. So why don’t people implement what they know about healthy lifestyle and exercise? Below are some excuses and beliefs that holds them back from putting their knowledge in action:

  • Inertia – It is easy to continue with the momentum of not exercising or having bad eating habits. New Year resolutions are made but they fail in the first few weeks. Newton’s law is proved right.
  • Health is not made a priority until some ailment strikes them – This is a very unfortunate scenario. These triggers transform these people in many cases – get rid of their bad habits and make them embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • Too occupied with material world, job and accumulating wealth. What is the point of so much wealth if we are not healthy enough to enjoy it?
  • Belief that money power can buy the cure for any illness and that modern medicine can overcome everything. It could be true to some extent. However, the pain of going through a lifestyle related disorder and its treatment could be too much price to pay. In addition, not everything may be possible to be treated.
  • Might make them seem too prudish and boring. Seems fashionable to ridicule the healthy folks.
  • Belief that exercise is only for good looks. These folks further say they do not care about the external looks. This excuse is so good that I almost believe it every time it is told. However, it is actually an excellent pretext for neglect and laziness.
  • Belief that exercise is all about having a grueling workout for an hour in the gym, 7 days in a week and sporting six pack abs. Social media creates the illusion of perfect bodies and correlates them with health and fitness. This perfectionist attitude needs to be changed.




What are the other reasons behind the knowing doing gap? Leave your comments.

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This blog will give tips on male lifestyle, grooming and fitness.

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