Are Patanjali Products Safe?

Patanjali products may be in vogue now but is their quality good?


Patanjali products have become very popular in the country now. Their sales are growing exponentially based on Ramdev’s brand image as a yoga guru. Other consumer goods companies have taken notice of this growth and feeling the competition. Many people have started using it for the reason of it being herbal and free of chemicals. Moreover, it seems to be inexpensive to the price conscious Indians. But are they safe?

However with such wide spread usage, questions on its quality will also arise. Country’s food regulator FSSAI is yet to approve its products. In April 2017, Patanjali said that its Amla juice does not fall under FSSAI standards since it is a medicine and not a food (Livemint article). Army canteens had withdrawn the Patanjali Amla juice since it found it unsafe for consumption. Similarly, in November 2015, FSSAI said that Patanjali noodles had not received any approvals.

All above news will surely create questions in the minds of consumers. Until we get a definitive answer on its quality, the below questions can help us:

  • Check the ingredients – are there any chemicals. For instance, Patanjali Amla juice contains sodium benzoate. Although there is an opinion that it is a widely used preservative and ok in small quantities, but I stopped using Patanjali Amla juice because there are alternatives.
  • Are you ingesting it – such as drinking Aloe Vera juice? Then you have to be more careful. If it is only for external usage – such as applying a cream, etc., then it is less risky. I use Patanjali soaps and hair oils. They seem mild and very affordable.
  • For how much time will you use the product? Longer the duration, more careful you have to be. If you use something over a period of few years, then be cautious.

What are your views on Patanjali products? Share your comments.

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