Using Green Tea to Lose Weight

Is a green tea drinking habit alone enough to lose weight? How many cups of green tea will really make a difference to our weight?


I have faced some of these questions and some of you must have across these too:

  • You are so fit and slim. How many cups of green tea do you drink?
  • Have you heard of the green tea weight loss diet?
  • Which is the best green tea to lose weight?

Green tea has gained immense popularity in the last few years and has gained the super-food status. It has a long list of benefits (anti-ageing, better hair and skin, boosts immunity, etc.), which has been well documented and known to many. However, few folks are considering it as a primary means of losing weight.

As per a study conducted by Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, mice fed with green tea extract and on an exercise regimen experienced reduction in body weight and improvement in health. Average body mass reduction was 27.1 percent and abdominal fat reduction of 36.6 percent. On the contrary, mice that was given green tea extract and did not exercise, experienced less significant benefits in weight and health.

Although green tea has some fat burning capabilities, the effects on the overall weight reduction is minuscule. A cup of green tea, could burn approximately 20 calories. If an average adult is aiming to reduce 500 calories per day (3500 calories per week resulting in loss of a pound), then he has to drink 25 cups or more per day! Not only it is unrealistic to drink so much green tea but also at such high amounts, its negative effects begin to kick in. For example, caffeine content in green tea would begin to add up and affect our health.

Therefore, if you have been gulping a few cups and then immediately rushing to a weighing scale, then it is going to disappoint you every time. It is probably time to take a pause and revisit your weight loss strategy.

Compare the 20-calorie loss from a cup of green tea with a 30 minutes aerobics session, which could burn 200 calories. Therefore, your best bet to have a healthy weight reduction is to incorporate exercise. Green tea has some weight loss capabilities but do not rely it on alone to lose weight. Green tea can only supplement a healthy lifestyle (regular exercise, proper diet, sleep, etc.) required in losing weight.

However, these two factors could make a big difference in weight loss through green tea:

  • Sugar: If you are replacing sugary drinks (soda, coffee, tea, etc. – any drink with sugar) with green tea, then it will make a significant difference in the long run. According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinic, a 16 ounce flavoured latte has 250 calories.
  • Milk: Milk by itself is nutritious – it has protein and calcium. However if you are being very careful about the calorie intake, then reducing milk from sources such as coffee or tea could be an option.

Following tips would help in maintaining a long-term green tea drinking habit:

  • Add a dash of lemon to your green tea to make it tastier. Or try out some of the flavoured green teas available in the market (Organic India Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate, Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea, 24 Mantra Organic Tulsi Green Tea, etc.)
  • Watch out for slim/weight loss/diet teas which promise drastic reduction in weight. Read their ingredients carefully. Some teas could also have artificial sweeteners which are not only harmful but could defeat the purpose of weight loss
  • Substitute your morning coffee with green tea. Evaluate your other beverages such as soda habits and replace them with green tea as much as possible
  • Be careful not to drink too much after evening so that the caffeine does not affect the sleep. Else, consider using decaf green tea


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