Review: TheraBand Resistance Bands

Are TheraBand resistance bands really useful in your workout routine? In what scenarios do they add most value?


TheraBand is one of the popular resistance bands. Resistance band is a useful tool in strength training. You might have seen athletes use it as part of training for sports. I have been using it occasionally for over 1.5 years now. TheraBands have colour-coded bands with increasing resistance levels. It starts at yellow (1.4 kg) and the maximum of gold(6.5kg) and comes with eight different colours. It has a length is 1.5m. I use a silver coloured band and use it to introduce variety in my workouts. 

TheraBands do not have handles. We have to clutch the band at the ends. For some exercises, we have to hold it away from the end so that the length matches the hand motion. It can be used for a wide range of exercises. TheraBand claims that its bands are “Latex Free (to avoid latex allergies), No Scent, and No Powder”. It is made of synthetic fiber. I have not tried intentionally breaking it though and my band has not seen any cuts or breakage so far. It is not two layered. It fits comfortably against the feet or the hand. It is soft enough not to irritate or chafe the skin but does not slip from our grip.


  • Biggest plus is its portability. It can be folded into as small as a men’s wallet. Hence it is very useful to carry during travel or situations when we don’t have access to gym
  • It is very versatile. With some creativity, we can design new exercises. If we are already doing bodyweight exercises, then the band will augment them with additional resistance.
  • It is quite safe unlike weights. There is no risk of accidentally dropping them on our feet, etc.

TheraBands Use

  • Useful for elders and senior citizens who want to add light weight to their exercises
  • Good for women who want to introduce strength training into their workout routine
  • Those who are recovering from injuries can use it to build strength
  • People who want to continue their training during travel

If you are planning for some serious bodybuilding, then these bands might not be suitable. It could be used to complement the gym training on specific body parts or on your off days. If you have already been strength training and wish to use this, then buy the strongest band (gold – 6.5 kg). Some boxes have bands of three colours, which can be used progressively as you get stronger.

TheraBands have instructional videos on YouTube, which shows many exercises. These cover almost every body part. Exercises include lat pull down, crunches, bent rows, deadlift, shoulder press, abductors, lateral raise, bicep curls, squats, lunges, etc. Bodyweight pushup provides more resistance than a similar chest exercise done with the band. Having said that, TheraBands are value for money and are a good investment.

Colour Codes and Resistance Levels

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