Review: Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie

Oh My Goodness Smoothie is a ready to drink breakfast beverage and is a combination of milk and oats. This blog reviews this drink.


Planning to skip breakfast due to busy schedule or due to lack of healthy breakfast options? Or just feeling lazy to cook the breakfast? Dropkaffe has come out with healthy breakfast drinks called Goodness. So how good Goodness really is?

Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie is an anytime breakfast combining the goodness of oats and toned milk. I decided to try it for my afternoon snack. It is a thick brown liquid with a subtle sweet taste.

Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie
Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie

Dropkaffe highlights the below features of this vegetarian beverage:

  • No preservatives
  • 6 g Protein
  • Gluten Free
  • Source of Fibre

They claim to use 100% fresh and real ingredients. It is not just a breakfast option but can also be used as a snack. It does not need refrigeration as long as it is not opened. This makes it easy to carry to work or on travel.

Each bottle of Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie is 190 ml. It has 72% milk. Its thickness could be due to oats. Milk provides the protein content while oats completes the beverage with its wide range of health benefits. It is available in two different flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

It tastes good when it is chilled. Thickness of the beverage is well balanced and it is easy to drink it in a few gulps. My only gripe is the 9.7 g of added sugar, which could have been avoided.


Toned milk (72%), Water, Oats (4%), Sugar, Milk Solids, Acidity Regulator (E 339 (ii)), Antioxidant (E 300), Stabilizer (E 407)

Nutritional Information

Energy – 157 kCal, Carbohydrates – 22.2 g, Added Sugar – 9.7 g, Protein – 6.1 g, Fat 4.9 g and Calcium – 167 mg

Although it was a filling drink, it seemed a little less than my average breakfast. But I felt that it was enough for a snack. I did not face any bloating or digestion related issues. Nevertheless, Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie is a good option when we are in a hurry or when a proper breakfast is not available.

Other Dropkaffe product is cold coffee – Coffiato Classic and Coffiato Hazelnut. Check the prices of Oh My Goodness products and buy them on Amazon here

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