Monsoon Shoes for Men in India

Is there a formal shoes which can be used during the rainy season in India? Why are the choices so limited?


Indian monsoon usually stretches from May to October, covering almost half of the year. Even a light drizzle can flood the roads and clog the traffic. A heavier downpour can turn the roads into rivers. In addition, the unpredictability of the rains make it even more difficult for the regular office goer to commute to work or even dress accordingly.

For this significant duration of the monsoons, we cannot give up our regular dress shoes and wear average looking or unsuitable footwear. I had been thinking about this for many months before the monsoon. I had an expensive suede leather shoes but I did not want to ruin it by exposing it to the rainwater. Continue reading “Monsoon Shoes for Men in India”

New Year Resolutions: 2018

Read this article to find out the new year resolutions for 2018 of the MaleLifestyle Blogger.

I go through the routine of setting new year resolutions like many others. Do I achieve all of them? May be not. However, they provide me goals and direction for the year. In addition, they are a good reference to evaluate myself at the end of every year.

I usually keep my resolutions simple and restrict it to a maximum of three goals. For 2018, my new year resolutions are minimal – just two goals: Continue reading “New Year Resolutions: 2018”

Using Green Tea to Lose Weight

Is a green tea drinking habit alone enough to lose weight? How many cups of green tea will really make a difference to our weight?

I have faced some of these questions and some of you must have across these too:

  • You are so fit and slim. How many cups of green tea do you drink?
  • Have you heard of the green tea weight loss diet?
  • Which is the best green tea to lose weight?

Continue reading “Using Green Tea to Lose Weight”

Are Patanjali Products Safe?

Patanjali products may be in vogue now but is their quality good?

Patanjali products have become very popular in the country now. Their sales are growing exponentially based on Ramdev’s brand image as a yoga guru. Other consumer goods companies have taken notice of this growth and feeling the competition. Many people have started using it for the reason of it being herbal and free of chemicals. Moreover, it seems to be inexpensive to the price conscious Indians. But are they safe? Continue reading “Are Patanjali Products Safe?”

A Simple and Powerful Stress Reduction Technique

This blog post describes a powerful and inexpensive way to deal with stress and develop mindfulness.

Stress is pervasive in today’s world. Every profession has some kind of inherent stress. Many stressful souls are trying to find ways to relax their minds through drugs, expensive vacations, therapies, etc. An entire stress management industry has taken birth. However this technique is simple and yet so potent in reducing stress. Moreover, it does not cost anything. Anybody can practice it and experience instant benefits. Continue reading “A Simple and Powerful Stress Reduction Technique”

Knowing Doing Gap

This blog post explores the reasons why people don’t adopt a healthy lifestyle even when they are fully aware of its virtues.

Why do some of the well-educated folks do not care about healthy lifestyle and exercise? Most urban population (many with a master’s college degree) definitely know about them. Every school curriculum teaches this. It is in all mainstream media – television, newspapers, websites, etc. There is no reason for not to be aware. Then where is the problem?

Continue reading “Knowing Doing Gap”

Thirty Gift Ideas under Rs.1000 for Indian Men

This is a laundry list of 30 gift categories for Indian men

Do these below scenarios seem familiar?

  • “It is difficult to come up with gift ideas for men compared to women”
  • Do you usually cannot think of anything beyond a shirt as a gift for men? I have faced this situation both as a giver and as a receiver.
  • Do you usually end up giving a gift card in the last minute?

I have compiled a list of gift ideas to help you select that gift which is on the tip of your tongue but never strikes your mind. These are not specific products but a laundry list of broad gift categories. Continue reading “Thirty Gift Ideas under Rs.1000 for Indian Men”