Review: Himalaya HiOra Mouthwash

Himalaya HiOra is an Ayurvedic mouthwash. This blog post provides its review.


My dental care routine was brushing twice a day – once in the morning after I wake up and once before I go to bed. Mouthwash is a popular oral care product, next to toothpaste now. I decided to try the Himalaya HiOra mouthwash and replaced my nighttime brush with its rinse. I was encouraged by the fact that it is an Ayurvedic product without harmful chemicals. Continue reading “Review: Himalaya HiOra Mouthwash”

Review: Muscleblaze Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a popular bodybuilding supplement. How good is Muscleblaze Creatine? Read this blog to find out.

Creatine Monohydrate is one of the body building supplements, which has been proven to help in muscle gains. Many professional athletes and body builders use it. A number of scientific studies have shown that creatine can enhance energy, strength, muscle mass, and recovery times. Creatine draws water into the muscle cells making them larger through cell volumization. I have been using Muscleblaze raw whey protein since a few years and decided to try Muscleblaze Creatine to give an extra boost to my workouts. Continue reading “Review: Muscleblaze Creatine Monohydrate”

Review: Himalaya Wellness Ashvagandha

Ashvagandha is a great supplement to reduce stress and for the general stress. Find out how good is Himalaya Wellness Ashvagandha.

I have been a regular user of Organic India Ashwagandha since last two years. I decided to try Himalaya Wellness Ashvagandha. Himalaya is a well-known company for its herbal and Ayurvedic products. Continue reading “Review: Himalaya Wellness Ashvagandha”

Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt are being consumed for their health benefits. How good is Epigamia Greek yogurt? Is it tasty? This blog post explores this product.

Greek yogurt has been hugely popular over the last few years. Epigamia has introduced it in India and the company claims it to be the first Greek yogurt of India. How epic is Epigamia Greek Yogurt really is? Continue reading “Review: Epigamia Greek Yogurt”

Review: Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie

Oh My Goodness Smoothie is a ready to drink breakfast beverage and is a combination of milk and oats. This blog reviews this drink.

Planning to skip breakfast due to busy schedule or due to lack of healthy breakfast options? Or just feeling lazy to cook the breakfast? Dropkaffe has come out with healthy breakfast drinks called Goodness. So how good Goodness really is? Continue reading “Review: Oh My Goodness Oats Smoothie”

Review: Muscleblaze My First Whey Protein

Muscleblaze has a trial pack of whey protein called My First Whey. This blog post does a review of this product.

I have been using Muscleblaze protein products since a few years now and been happy with the value for money that they offer. When I noticed the My First Whey Protein, its name made me curious. How is the first whey different from the second or the third whey?

Continue reading “Review: Muscleblaze My First Whey Protein”

Review: Wonder Pro Super Probiotic

This blog post provides a review of the probiotic supplement Wonder Pro

Introduction of the probiotic Wonder Pro┬áby LifeZen seems to coincide with the release of Wonder Woman movie. Both their W symbols also seem to be similar too. Will Wonder Pro be a kick-ass super hero like her? Continue reading “Review: Wonder Pro Super Probiotic”