Perfect or Nothing

Why do we let an interruption in our healthy lifestyle easily create a negative cycle?


Have you been in any of these situations?

  • Tempted to taste that sugary item in a buffet lunch and continue to binge on it for the rest of the lunch
  • A friend invites you to accompany for a smoke with him. A single puff leads to many more such sessions and before you know, you are back being a regular smoker

Most of us have come across these circumstances and the common reason seems to be the ‘Perfect or Nothing’ attitude. Continue reading “Perfect or Nothing”

Knowing Doing Gap

This blog post explores the reasons why people don’t adopt a healthy lifestyle even when they are fully aware of its virtues.

Why do some of the well-educated folks do not care about healthy lifestyle and exercise? Most urban population (many with a master’s college degree) definitely know about them. Every school curriculum teaches this. It is in all mainstream media – television, newspapers, websites, etc. There is no reason for not to be aware. Then where is the problem?

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Review: RiteBite Max Protein Bar

This post provides a review of the Max Protein energy and protein bar

Max Protein Bar, manufactured by RiteBite is one of the earliest protein bars available in India and caters to this growing protein market. I decided to try the Choco Slim variety. It has 20g of protein and it seemed like a nice protein filled food for my mid afternoon snack.

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Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

This blog post describes how to use an Aloe Vera plant for hair

Aloe Vera is a very multipurpose and versatile plant. Its uses for hair and skin care has been well known. Its benefits range from treatment of skin disorders, healing wounds, acting as a moisturizer, treating burn injuries, acts as a laxative, etc.

Does Aloe Vera really help in hair growth?

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The Secret to Reverse Ageing

HIIT form of exercise has been gaining popularity and a recent study has proved its benefit in anti-ageing

Have you heard about the Hindu mythology where gods and demons churned the ocean with a serpent? This was done to find that magical elixir (amrita) which could give youth and immortality. In other cultures too, people have toiled to find the elixir over the years. People have always desired and sought eternal youth throughout the history of humankind. We can earn a lot of material wealth but health and youth are always elusive even to the rich.

Studies have found that ageing can be delayed and it is not necessary to churn the ocean. In a recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic (, researchers have found that high intensity training can slow down ageing. Among all exercise types, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) seems to provide the most benefits. Continue reading “The Secret to Reverse Ageing”

Review: Nutrus Probiotic Green Tea

This blog post provides a review of the Nutrus Probiotic Green Tea

Green tea has undergone some innovation over the last few years and Nutrus probiotic green tea is one of them. It is different in two ways:

  • Probiotics has been mixed with green tea extract
  • Instead of the usual tea brewing process, this is a ready to mix powder.

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Review: Himalaya Septilin

This blog post provides a review of Himalaya’s immunity boosting supplement Septilin

Himalaya is a well-known company for herbal products. I decided to try its Septilin capsules during winter to improve my immunity against colds and virus infections. As per the Himalaya website, Septilin is as per doctor’s prescription and not for self-medication. It is available as a syrup too but I tried the capsules since it is convenient to carry. It is not specified whether it is to be taken on an empty stomach. I took 1-2 tablets after breakfast and dinner each. It is light blue in color and leaves a color mark on the tongue or on the fingers if they are wet.

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