Tips for First Time Purchase of Protein Supplements

This article guides beginners to make their first purchase of a protein supplement


All of us have been through those initial days of gym enrolment. We start training with lot of zeal with very little information on training or diet. Our primary source of information on the supplements could be the trainer or friends. Most trainers could have our best interests in mind while recommending protein supplements. Having said that, there could be a tendency for them to suggest protein based on kickbacks from vendors/stores or some other motive. Continue reading “Tips for First Time Purchase of Protein Supplements”

Review: Muscleblaze Whey Protein Pro

If you have been taking multiple supplements separately or if you are intending to up the workout intensity, then Muscleblaze Whey Protein Pro is a good choice. I was looking to accelerate my gains and came across this product one day. The combination of Whey, Creatine, Taurine and Glutamine is premixed which makes it very convenient for consumption. This is for fairly advanced bodybuilders and strength athletes Continue reading “Review: Muscleblaze Whey Protein Pro”

Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle Towards a Healthy Life

This post attempts to debunk some common myths holding us back from leading a healthy life

Where lies the biggest obstacle towards a healthy life? It is in our mind – misguided beliefs about health. Not only these beliefs hurt us but they also get passed on to others like a contagious virus.

Here are the top three such beliefs which prevent people from leading a healthy life:

  • “It is time to indulge in junk food now because it will not be possible when we get old”

In fact our current bad lifestyle could be the whole reason why we cannot lead a good life later.And the consequences could be more severe. It could be more than inability to eat junk food. Continue reading “Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle Towards a Healthy Life”

Guide to Body Hair Management

Keeping the body hair trimmed is an important aspect of grooming for men.

Have you come across any of these situations?

  • Do people stare at your gorilla-like chest hair when you walk shirtless in a beach?
  • Are you embarrassed to wear shorts due to hairy legs?
  • Even if you plan to remain fully clothed, is your chest hair peeping out of your dress shirt and waves with the breeze?

The solution is to trim the body hair regularly and is preferable over shaving. Yes, it takes some ongoing effort but the results are impressive. Women will notice the effort and your attractiveness will get a boost. This is where the Philips BG105 body groomer (Bodygroom Series 1000) comes in handy and is a worthy investment in a man’s grooming kit. Continue reading “Guide to Body Hair Management”

Increase Immunity to Colds, Coughs and Flu

This blog post gives some tips to improve our immunity towards colds, coughs and flu during winters

Winter brings it share of viruses which make us feel sick and miserable. Cold, coughs and flu make many people feel under the weather throughout the world every year and results in loss of productive hours. Using the below steps, we can vastly increase our immunity and reduce the chances of catching the virus. In case we end up getting sick, they will reduce the duration of sickness and make us feel better sooner. Continue reading “Increase Immunity to Colds, Coughs and Flu”

Review: MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein

Review of Muscleblaze Raw Whey Protein.

I have been using MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein since last few months. I want to share my experience with others interested in strength training/body building. Although it is advisable to use natural protein sources (eggs, milk, etc.) as much as possible, whey protein provides instant protein after a workout and is convenient to use. Continue reading “Review: MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein”