Using Green Tea to Lose Weight

Is a green tea drinking habit alone enough to lose weight? How many cups of green tea will really make a difference to our weight?


I have faced some of these questions and some of you must have across these too:

  • You are so fit and slim. How many cups of green tea do you drink?
  • Have you heard of the green tea weight loss diet?
  • Which is the best green tea to lose weight?

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Simplest Exercise Ever

In our quest to find better and advanced workout options, we should not ignore the benefits of this simple exercise.

Which is the exercise that

  • Does not need any equipment
  • Could be done in most places and does not need specific infrastructure
  • Does not need any training or supervision
  • People of all ages can do
  • Has low impact on the joints

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Perfect or Nothing

Why do we let an interruption in our healthy lifestyle easily create a negative cycle?

Have you been in any of these situations?

  • Tempted to taste that sugary item in a buffet lunch and continue to binge on it for the rest of the lunch
  • A friend invites you to accompany for a smoke with him. A single puff leads to many more such sessions and before you know, you are back being a regular smoker

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The Secret to Reverse Ageing

HIIT form of exercise has been gaining popularity and a recent study has proved its benefit in anti-ageing

Have you heard about the Hindu mythology where gods and demons churned the ocean with a serpent? This was done to find that magical elixir (amrita) which could give youth and immortality. In other cultures too, people have toiled to find the elixir over the years. People have always desired and sought eternal youth throughout the history of humankind. We can earn a lot of material wealth but health and youth are always elusive even to the rich.

Studies have found that ageing can be delayed and it is not necessary to churn the ocean. In a recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic (, researchers have found that high intensity training can slow down ageing. Among all exercise types, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) seems to provide the most benefits. Continue reading “The Secret to Reverse Ageing”